Light Detection and Ranging

Complete processing for Airborne and Mobile LiDAR

LiDAR Services

Virtuematic provides a wide range of LiDAR data processing services that helps in creating Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models and Triangulated irregular networks, Contour maps to provide highly accurate detail of the Earth’s surface with great support to Digital-Cartography, Topography, Highway, Street assets mapping and many, also includes Transmission/Electrical, Telecommunication, Flood mapping arena of mapping.

Airborne Laser Scanning

Airborne LiDAR consists of a high frequency laser scanner that records the time differential between the emission of the laser pulses and the reception of the reflected signal from the environment. By combining this data with the position and orientation of the scanner (determined by differential kinematic GPS and an Inertial Measurement Unit) LiDAR creates highly accurate and detailed models of the earth’s surface with a height accuracy down to +/- 10cm.

LiDAR scanners can also be mounted on ground vehicles and on tripods for traditional ground survey style usage. They can also be used to capture as-built constructions, including building interiors and exteriors, pits and stockpiles. The platform used depends on the scale of the project and the nature of the site.

Our Airborne LiDAR service, much of the services, includes from Bare Earth Classification to Advance level Classification of the Laser data, covering projects related to, Volumetric analysis, Hydrology Department, Maintenance/pre-laying process for Transmission lines, Topographic Outputs, Land use changes, Parcel mappings listed are few of the major areas.

Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS)

Virtuematic is continuously innovating and developing streamlined and seamless automated tools for Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS) survey and data processing in order to enhance our deliverables that consistently meet international quality standards.

In addition to mobile mapping surveys, LiDAR, and image processing, Virtuematic offer services to provide road asset intelligence products derived from mobile LiDAR point clouds. Road surface defects, such as potholes and road marking flaws such as marking paint wear can be extracted quickly in a semi-automated process.

Road surface and road marking condition reports can be provided for vast areas with high accuracy for quick decision making, to simplify planning, and to target motorway maintenance campaigns.

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