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Across Industries

As an owner-operator, the success of your enterprise hinges on the criticality of your infrastructure. From maintaining and improving existing assets to constructing new ones, addressing the full life cycle—from planning to design, construction, and operations—is paramount. Virtuematic comprehends these challenges and presents a comprehensive portfolio, offering multi-discipline design and analysis solutions across architectural, engineering, and geospatial disciplines to help you meet these diverse requirements.

Virtuematic | Industries
Electric and Gas Utilities

Electric and Gas Utilities

We provide mapping and geospatial analysis, tower design and analysis, substation design, network design, GIS, and asset performance management.


Buildings and Facilities

Solutions for integrative site planning and design, versatile building design and analysis, project collaboration, and building information management.

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing

Solutions for integrative plant design and analysis, project collaboration, factory floor layout, and asset lifecycle information management.

Virtuematic | Industries | Oil&Gas

Oil and Gas

Solutions include versatile design, project collaboration, Advanced Work Packaging/WorkFace Planning, offshore structural design and analysis.

Virtuematic | Government


Solutions for mapping, Smart cities, GIS, 3D cities, project collaboration, ommunity information management, and asset life cycle information management.

Virtuematic | Mapping


Solutions for survey data acquisition and analysis, mapping, cadastral mapping, LiDAR mapping, Digitalortho mapping, UAV Mapping and GIS.

Virtuematic | Industries | Infrastructure


Solutions for road, bridge and tunnel design and analysis, subsurface engineering, project collaboration, GIS and asset lifecycle information management.

Virtuematic | Industries | Mining


Solutions for mine planning and surveying, bulk materials handling layout and design, GIS, Pile measurement using UAV data, and asset performance management.